May Madne$$ Showcase

WHERE: Smash Studios 307 west 36th street & 8th Avenue New York , New York WHEN: May 20, 2017

May Madne$$ Showcase This event is for the Amateurs , Beginners , First timers , and Inexperienced people who have talent : Singers , Rappers , Beat Boxers , Musicians , DJ's , Actors , Dancers , Comedians , People with extrodinary talents . who are looking to develop thier performing skills and promote themselves at the same time All genres , styles . lyrical content and Languages are accepted !!! Ages : 9 yrs to 40 yrs old , All ethnicities and genders are accepted !!! There will be a cash prize for the hottest perfomer !!! Performers will be provided tickets , performers can bring there own camera person . Frunt Page Entertainment will promote your material thru the internet and advertise the video footage on our website , Slots are limited submissions begin now till May 8th !!! submit your contact information to keyword : " May Madne$$ " a fee is required payments can be made now till the second week of May !!! for more details call or text 347 480 9769 ( 24hour business line ) go to to view our past shows & events !!!

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