Frunt Stage " Spring Break pt.2 "

WHERE: 209 west 40th street & 7th avenue WHEN: April 8, 2017

The Frunt Stage Events is a talent showcase for : Singers , Rappers , Poets , Beat Boxers , Spoken word Artists Musicians , DJs , Dancers , Models and people with other extrodinary talents ( solos , groups , bands ) !!! The events will be taking place on different Months at different venues in different cities and towns within the United States of America . Usually on a saturday , sometimes on an industry Thursday or Friday . Our events do not discriminate . All nationalities , ethnicities , people of different cultures and sexual orientations are welcomed !!! Frunt Page Entertainment provides the type of events . Where performers and attendees get to enjoy themselves at venues that have some of the very best sound systems . And most importantly in a safe and secure environment ! Our events are for Teens and Adults . A fee is reqiured to participate in our showcases . Submit your press kit or music and video links to keyword : fruntstage . We appreciate your support and patronage ! call 347 480 9769 for any questions or other inquiries . submissions for the Frunt Stage Event in April begin now until march 31st . A fee is required so please call 347 480 9769 for more information . keyword : fruntstage

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