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Breeze Embalm


“I want to make music that makes other say, ‘damn, I wish I thought of that’” on August 2012, Bronx rapper Breeze Embalm released his first solo project ‘The ceremony of Nadir’. This EP shows you that Hip Hop can still be innovative and that this artist is not afraid to break from the mold. From ‘My people’ a tribute to all of his closest friends, where he honors them by exposing all the things that are wrong with them while still remaining encouraging with lines like “Once you crumble paper it can never be perfect, but you can still draw something so beautiful”. To other worldly songs such as ‘The no faces’ where Breeze explores the minds of faceless creatures too scared to be unique. Hip Hop wasn’t a given in the life of Breeze Embalm. Growing up in a house hold full of actors and actresses, his first love was film. “When your watching a movie, your not thinking its fake, that world becomes your world for that hour and a half”, he went on to study the c


My best friends a weed head

The no faces


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