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The best way to describe what Redline does musically is to say he gives a retro/old school flow a modern sound. He was born in Englewood NJ and lived in Fairview for a short time before moving to where he lives now in Ocean County. He grew up listening to 90's and early 2000's Hip Hop so that's where his heart is at; but it is 2017 now so he is going to try to incorporate new sounds and flows but still keep that rugged foundation. Instead of trying to make every song appeal to everybody, he makes individual songs for individual audiences. Every listener could likely find at least one or two songs that that directly speaks to them on one of Redline's records. The beat selection is about always trying to find that next sound but at the same time still hit people with something that'll make you nod your head. The Boom and the Bap. The number-one core value of his music is to stay real and true to himself, at the same time as catering to the vast different tastes people have. Redline will


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Rock The Mic Showcase 3.0

Monique's Lounge 108, 181 East 108th Street, Spanish Harlem
August 20, 2017

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Rock the Mic Showcase

Funkadelic Studios 209 West 40th Street 5th Floor New York NY
August 20, 2017

#8/20/2017 funkadelic studios 209 west 40th stree...

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