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Jeff Martin

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From playing piano to rapping in his bedroom, Jeffrey William Martin, commonly known as Jeff Martin, is an independent musician from Chicago, Illinois. Jeff is known for his memorable lyrics that mainly speak about his experiences and the way he portrays his life. Martin first found his love for music at an early age, learning to play piano and further learning as many instruments as he could. He released his mixtape, “Homemade,” in 2015 and his second mixtape, “Memories,” in 2016 with his producer O-Brad, sparking his career in the music community. He later published his third mixtape, “Me vs. Me”, in 2016 with O-Brad, showing their music skills and individuality. Although Jeff’s careerJeff now not only raps and sings, he also produces his own tracks like those on his mixtape, “The Operation." ”To The Top,“ was one of the most defining moments in Jeff’s career thus far, reaching over one million listens on SoundCloud.


To The Top





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