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Dani Devastation

Harlem rating: N/A

Dani Devastation , a artist, she is not only brining Hip Hop back, but she is creating a new lane, with her lyrically dynamic flow, she's mostly known for remixing "mainstream" artist tracks , and putting a incredible spin on them! She is a beast, and she kills ANY BEAT in the front seat of the car! She did 11.M views on Facebook from Eminem's (Rap God) , and has created quite a buzz all over the world.




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Coast 2 Coast Presents Prince Rao and Polo Gang Cartel

Voltage Lounge
June 25, 2017

Check in at voltage lounge at 9:00 pm ...

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Music Monday

181 E 108th st New York, ny 10029
June 26, 2017

Tyb is in the building & we are gonn turn up for n...

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